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argentine tango

Series classes progress week to week and pre-registration is strongly recommended.   All group packages are accepted and no partner is necessary.  Drop-ins are suggested for the first class of the series only.  We require a minimum of 4 students pre-registered for the series to commence.



Spring Series starts April 5th

Tuesdays  (8 week series.  All packages accepted) 


Beginner: 7:30-8:15pm

This class will focus on the basic fundamentals of Argentine Tango.  The class will focus on the basic steps and movement, while incorpating technique to help each student create their own authentic Argentine style.


*No Intermediate Class this session*

Intermediate: 8:15-9:00pm

Class will focus on intermediate level patterns and almagamations with an emphasis on timing and styling. 

What is the Argentine Tango?


Argentine Tango is a partnered social dance from Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is different from the ballroom tango in its posture, movements and intention -- in Argentine Tango there is no standard way of dancing -- emphasis is on improvisation and each dancer carries within themselves a particular way of dancing it. There rarely are competitions. Argentine Tango gives a person a chance to express themselves uniquely, and encourages creativity with the music.


For those who have never danced Argentine Tango, it offers a chance for physical exercise, the social aspect of belonging to a community, the emotional/spiritual aspect of moving with someone to music, and is good for the environment!

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