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Event will feature a mix of Pro/Am, Amateur, and Professional Performances with appetizers, dessert, drinks, and a dance party!

December 10, 2022 at 7:00pm


We at That's Dancing love to put on a show! Our bi-annual Showcases give our student the opportunity to work on a challenging and entertaining routine that helps them both solidify their training and stretch their dance skills.  Plus it's a lot of FUN!  It's our version of "Dancing with the Stars" where our students are the STARS.  

Each Showcase features a mix of Pro/Am, Amateur, Formation, Staff, and Professional Routines. These routines range from Newcomer to Gold level and all ages can participate. There is a Professional Judge who critiques each individual performance.

  • Pro/Am - Student and Instructor

  • Amateur - Two Students

  • Formation - 6+ Students performing a synchronized routine

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